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Well done for another shit F1 game.


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- Horrible blur effect that you cannot turn off.
- A few options in the config that aren't even in game, where are other options like upping the resolution on the mirrors? They look way worse on the PC than footage I've seen from the console.
- Weird 360 pad controls.
- Crazy input lag (using the 360 pad at least) as I make an input and the car doesn't respond right away like the other games, feels like when you turn vsync on, though it's off.
- No career apparently? Where did that one go?
- Cannot play a coop championship with my friend??????? Wtf???
- The character models look super creepy, why can't I just have photos back and people in helmets that I cannot see? 
- Cannot seem to have full control over the difficulty settings as I enter a race, they're all grayed out and I have to choose between presets.
- Where is the damage option? Seems like that has been taken out too since it's not where it used to be at least. 
- The new online system is even worse than before..

What is going on over at Codemasters? I can only hope you lose the license, though tbh that would probably just lead to someone crap like Milestone buying it *shudders*.
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