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Soft Lock doesn't work. PC - G27

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What the title says. It works on Dirt 4, but unfortunately I can't make it work here and it makes the experience a lot worse.

Also, I did the calibration successfully .

Thanks in advance!

So, I discovered that only the classic cars won't soft lock. The R5, 2000cc and RX do.

An interesting thing is that the Group A, Subaru Legacy doesn't work but it changes my ratio. The wheel ingame does 540 degrees and my wheel does 720.


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I skipped a part.

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I Had this problem too on my g27, but then I found somewere that you need to do in this specific order:
 -1st you need to turn off soft lock
 -2nd calibrate wheel
 -3rd now turn soft lock, and test

*make sure you have 900 degrees on logitech profiler!! maybe you only have 540º

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