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SDG Xbox League

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I am one of the co-owners of our league SDG.  We started off in F1 2012, had two hugely successful seasons in F1 2013 and F1 2014.  Due to real life, and none us liking 2015, 16, 17, and 18 we didn't play that much.  Come F1 2019 our interest returned to the franchise, and we contemplated doing it all again.  Here we are, F1 2020, a game we all love and thoroughly enjoy, and we are BACK!  
We have had held two league races so far, we are following the original 2020 calendar.  The next race is Vietnam, and we need a few more drivers to fill up the grid.  Our attendance average has been 15 so far, which is in no way bad but we want 20 every week!  Current free cars are 1 x Haas and 1 x Williams, however, we would like reserve drivers as we'd like to have the opportunity to have a second championship.

Our format is unique.  We are doing 2 x 25% races, regular corner-cutting, and reduced damage.  
Race one of the night is 18min qualy followed by a 25% race.
Race two is a reversed grid, just to keep everyone interested and give everyone a chance of winning.  

Yes, this format may seem like we aren't competitive, but on the contrary, we have a hugely competitive grid, but most importantly we all race fair.

We are discord based, please click the link, and see you on track!  https://discord.gg/bvRNe4E

Here is a video highlighting the competitiveness and fairness of our league : 


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This is all total ****** the drivers are all filth,nah just kidding I race in this and if your looking for a league that’s competitive and fun and not too sweaty this is the place for you,all the drivers are good guys and it’s generally just an enjoyable league to be a part of.

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This league is a lot of fun.
Very relaxed and well organised.

3 races in to the season and I’m pleased with how clean and respectful the racing has been. 


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