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Yellow flag

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Seen this couple of times myself but happen every now and again on 2019 edition so must be something carried over, just a shame we pay full price for new game but most is just code from previous edition( yes I admit a lot has to be but some glitches/bugs now been in game for 3 years plus and reported many times by players but just ignored).

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Just raced Canada and was a dry then wet race, during the wet period the Ai cars were on rails it would seem!

However the major annoyance was having started on Pole and then dropped to 7th during a VSC where the Ai cars all managed to catch up as if it was a Full SC... - on another attempt pitting under a Full SC got penalised for illegal overtake of cars on the track when I was in the pit lane!!

Then lying in 7th on the last lap in the final straight there was a yellow - car limited under yellows, yellow lights on dash and yellow lights on track... SIX - SIX Ai cars overtook at full speed under the yellows, no penalties as the final positions had me in 13th. THIS is a basic thing and really should not be happening!!!

Images (not sure how to do the video) show the sequence including in the last 3 images the YELLOWS on the dash - NOTE When I was running the reply the track side lights were then showing GREEN although I stopped the images with the lights showing green it has not recorded them!!!






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Had the same thing happen yesterday. Running Yas Marina for the first time. Two yellows. During each yellow 2 cars passed me while I was being told there's no passing.


It sure hasn't been fixed.

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