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1.  Today i jumped onto the pc of the game to find no forcefeedback or wheel weight.

I made a maxed settings profile (FF - 150 and damper - 100) as a silly test but still had zero from the wheel.

I tested on f1 2020 for the ps4, no issues. I tested on multiple titles on pc (rfactor 2, iracing) no issues.

its as if its locked on the default setting no matter what. There's no point playing this game if It can't even get wheel settings right.

CWOS for 3 weeks now this..

2.     PC
3.     1.06 
4.     ALL
5.     10x +
6.     ive reinstalled Ghub twice, reverted to Logitech gaming software and nothing has fixed this. Tried multiple profiles and other racing titles 
7.     G29 + fanatec v3 pedals
8.     N/A

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I had the same issue.

DrDeath_MD on the Steam forum posted a something which worked for me - despite it being for an earlier game.


Basically, change the registry setting & then - all good (at least for me).

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