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F1 2020 online ban

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Hi, ive just picked up F1 2020, but when i wanted to play online with my friend, i got this message saying, that i have been banned for cheating even though i havent played online at all. i havent set any wierd supersonic lap time in time trial.

as you see in the photos and the video down below i havent played online at all

i tried reinstalling game and restarting it, but it didn't help at all

pls help quick

F1 2020 (DirectX 12) 30-07-2020 11_05_41.png

F1 2020 (DirectX 12) 30-07-2020 12_29_12.png

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I have the exact same problem! I hope someone at Codemasters can reach out to us and assist to resolve this. I play with a T150 wheel via Steam, the game only has been laggy due to too demanding graphics settings and I couldn't start from the grid at the beginning of a race because the clutch button on my wheel was accidentally programmed for two different actions. Both fixed now. Only reasons I can think of that might have caused this.

Platform: Steam

Accessories: T150 wheel and pedals

Game version: 1.06

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My guess is you're both playing on PC and have applied some mod to the game which is being detected, resulting in you being blocked from online racing.

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