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Let lapped cars overtake the Safety Car and fix the blue flags

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I was in P10 at the Dutch GP and the Safety Car came out. Everyone up to, and including P7 had been lapped. And you can see where this is going. The Racing Points weren't too far ahead of Norris, who was in P7, but they got to join the back of the queue. Not being able to overtake the Safety Car also backed me up to Leclerc in P3 and I was given blue flags. I was in P8 when I was getting blue flagged on the pit straight and got a time penalty for ignoring blue flags. Which sounds fair until you realise that Leclerc was 5-6 car lengths behind me. I would have to slow down to let him through, and by then I was pushing to try and catch Norris. I rewinded to try and not have to slow down, but nothing worked so I slowed down and let him pass.

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