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Safety car & backmarkers

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I was contemplating whether this should go into the technical assistance but I wouldn't say it's a 'bug' but rather an oversight which has been around for quite some time, probably F1 2016. 

Here's the situation: I'm running 3s in front of my teammate and Magnussen. Both of them are being lapped by the leader; before Leclerc laps me - a safety car comes out. I pass the SC and go round while my teammate & Kevin get stuck behind Charles and the SC. So my 3s gap suddently turns into 1 minutes and 40 seconds

I had this happen in 2016 but in the last few interations of F1, I have started in midfield teams hence it wasn't really occured. I realize it that would be affecting us guys who do 100% races more compared to the more popular 50% distance, however it can be quite annoying when it happens. But if the backmarker-SC logic is fixed (and they can unlap themselves), everyone would benefit. How many times a backmarker has ruined the SC restart by not going out of the way or something like that. I guess to summarize my suggestions - lapped cars should unlap themselves under the SC as the rules were changed in 2013.

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