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F1 2015-Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500 Integral wheel PS4 settings?


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Hi all,

Hope you're all enjoying the F1 2015 game. My question is what settings do you have the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Integral wheel set at for F1 2015 on the PS4? 

Mine currently is set at 50 for steering saturation with everything else 0.

Force Feedback: Strength: 80, Environmental: 40,
Weight: 40

Mode has been set to three flashes. It's pretty average at the moment but could be better. Also any braking settings you have too?

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instereo said:
i have the same steering wheel but different problem with pc. pedals have giant dead zone. but sods you talk about logitech...not thrustamster...

Does Thrustmaster not have a similar tool as Logitech? apply the same priciples? Sods fix really worked.

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and does the in game dead zone not work?

i found this on-line ...


they mention...
It is in Options and Help>Controls in game, then go to Calibrate Forcefeedback bottom right.  (Not sure if its game though)

Worst case dont use it as deadzone is like a switch nothing happens as you press the pedal until you reach a certian point (the deadzone limit) and then all of a sudded you get the effect... if no dead zone then you have control form 0-100% if you add dead zone say 10% then you have 10-100% control over the throttle/Brake pedal (10% less control.)

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i use the f1 ferrari wheel addon for t500rs on the ps4 and was wondering if anyone else has an issue with the gears not changing often. Standard wheel works fine but useless cause the paddles are sometimes out of reach wen racing.
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