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Issue with kerbs - uninentional bug? or just very unlucky


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  • So ummm, not sure if this was just a problem with the kerbs in australia but I've noticed twice now this particular issue occuring on the kerb after turn 4. First time it happened in a time trial session I thought it was a funny fluke but it's now happened again in multiplayer :classic_sad: Had a spin, ended up sliding and stopped right on the kerb. The car was then stuck on top of the kerb unable to drive either forward or reverse. Was running 4-6, front-rear suspension and 3-4, front-rear ride height at the time so was wondering if the car bottoming out and getting stuck is an actual thing? If so 10/10 for realism but 0/10 for gameplay :classic_happy: I'll try to recreate it again in time trial if I get a chance and update post with screenshots; didn't think to print screen before getting disqualified in the online. Also, once I got DQ'd the driver just kept revving out in first gear and wiggling the wheel left to right in the jerky 'tyre warming' kinda fashion.
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