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Slighly longer time pre-race in Weekly events.

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So, just done my first weekly, and I was shocked. Granted, I do run my game on an old fashion 7200rpm HDD, not SDD.

But I had 4 seconds from the track loaded until the race started. No way to do anything with race strategy, tyres to start on or anything. Not to mention, it doesn't save the setup from practice/qual session. So I had default setup when driving. Only thing that saved me in the race was the changing weather, pitting at the right time and seemingly managing the inters better than the guys ahead.

However, I understand that for super-quick loaders it's boring to sit and wait, but add another 60 seconds or so to the pre-race time? At least let people have a chance to load their setup and maybe start on mediums instead of soft...

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