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Ranked Stats, Super license Resets Constantly

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1.       My ranked stats are reset after every race. I also cannot see others license info, my stats, or anything related to the license or ranked play.

2.       Pc/Steam
3.       1.06
4.       Ranked Play
5.       Its very easy to replicate.. Select super license, nothing shows up - i have tried this over 20 times since playing.
6.       I have un-installed several times, tried Norton & Bitdefender firewall, tried windows firewall, tried without a firewall, tried creating a new racenet account, unlinked my steam account several times, bought the game on a second steam account to see if it makes a difference, re-installed windows, reset the game, tried with a different internet connection, tried on a laptop.
7.       Just a xbox one gamepad.
8.       Screenshots attached. 

After every 5 races the ranked label will show in multiplayer but i cannot access anyones license info or my own regardless of what i do - i have played for 42 hours so far most of it in ranked player and its very disheartening to then have the stats reset or just not show up. Racenet still shows i am playing F1 2013 so it does not sync with steam. I love the game but i refuse to pick up and play because of this.

Screenshot (2).png

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Im guessing there is no super license currently? I haven't seen a single video with anyone on console or pc with their super license info.

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Well what do you know... Today it magically appeared 😘

If it was indeed help from Codemasters - then thank you massively! For  anyone else having the problem make sure you also select your badge for the license in your customisation options. I don't know if it helped but it appeared shortly after i edited that. Either way yayy : )

Great Game!

Screenshot (3).png

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