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F1 2020 Sunday Race League (PS4)

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I would like to introduce you to the Sunday Race League!
As the name suggests, races will be held on Sunday. We currently race between 15:00 and 19:00 GMT, but we are trying to expand so that more races can be held at different times! The settings we currently use for our league races are:

  • 50% race
  • Short qualifying
  • No practice
  • Full damage
  • Strict corner cutting stringency

All skill levels are welcome, just try to race as clean as possible! If you would like to join our league, please join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/Tuew5SC You can be anything you want in this league, a driver, a steward, a commentator or even just a spectator!

We hope to see you join our league!

The Sunday Race League Team

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I would love to join this League!  Unfortunately I work 12 hours on Sunday's and I always hop on after work, but that is also at the crack of day, (1am EST.)  I use PS4 console also.  How many users have agreed to join and could I possibly be a Room Leader?  I can steward and drive at the same time, I take screen shots all the time and I know how to use the instant replay to report the user that has been in violation to the league rules.  Just an idea.  I love this game and it would be fun to have a good group of peeps to race with!  Let me know!

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