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Multiplayer - TO DO LIST!

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Posted (edited)

Below is a list of the most glaring issues with multiplayer on PC as of this patch, things that need to be fixed ASAP. We're very hesitant restarting the league with how the game is now. 
These issues have all been reported somewhere else so I'm not going in too much detail. I just want to make a useful shortlist with the most game-breaking ones.

Feel free to tell me where I've forgotten some so I can add them. 

These points are in no particular order; All of them are game-breaking to a degree.

1.  The host often gets released earlier at the start. 
2. Session times in quali are not synced. This means it can happen that people are starting their hotlaps with ai'ing cars that are 'done' in front of them. Spectators get the wrong info as well. 
3. Safety car contact penalties are ridiculous and even occur when there's no contact. And given to the person that was not at fault. (We need an option to turn off contact penalties altogether. we do this)
4. Players throttle gets arbitrarily controlled on restart. Even when you're not close to the s.c. This leads to dangerous situations and has no place online. 
5. Game often crashes when selecting multiplayer car in lobby (In whatever dx mode)
6. People can get passed very briefly making the game forget the correct order behind SC. (And some messy stuff with s.c. order and telling people to pass in general)
https://youtu.be/eHj_6rPGY58 + https://youtu.be/eHj_6rPGY58
7. Communicating with online services in your face, And screen freezes associated with it.
8. Open lobbies filling up with unkickable 'ghosts' stopping new people from joining.
9. Cars being desynced in general with 1 of them having an unghosted, loose canon, ai car driving around.

https://clips.twitch.tv/TangibleBreakableHerdTBTacoLeft + https://youtube.com/vwxYKRqHlZk
10. Cars screen freezing heavily affecting cars behind.
11. Sector 2 times are still not transmitted leading to a purple sector 2 very often (cause the fastest lap the game compares to has no sector 2 time. you can sometimes see this in the pits as well as in the telemetry)
12. Tire data often wrong for spectators (both in terms of laps done as well as the compound they're on)
13. Stability issues in general. There's a lot of instability while driving, screen freeze wise, and you can see it happening to people driving around you all the time as well.
14. The game still changes tire strategy at its own leisure. 
15. Delta times/positions are often scrambled in the first 3 laps of the race, with lap 2 being the most glitched one of all. My guess is this has something to do with the formation lap as it usually doesn't happen in 5 lappers. 




Honorable mentions:

-Ghosted cars not ghosting in mirror.
-We still don't have penalties as spectators (and for the love of god why not?)
-Game doesn't always realize when track limit warnings are because of contact/side by side racing.
 All too often the choice is either contact or a warning. and this just shouldn't be the case. Going off track to avoid contact should be lauded not punished. Especially going wide on exit when given no space. OR Give your stewards the tools to alter stuff like that on the fly. 
-In league mode we would have the ability to have reserve drivers score for the team but not for the driver they replace. Scoring for the driver they replace is unfair... (This is the one thing kinda stopping us from trying our league in league mode this time around) 
-We need the ability for spectators to summon that new, cool, pit strategy graphic at will

So, this is what's at the top of my mind. the more important things (well.. the honorable mentions are mainly repetitions of stuff i just feel we finally should get heeded on.)
If you have any more feel free to post them and i'll add them. I've tried to keep minor annoyances out of here and just keep it to the big things that affect race after race after race. 

@BarryBL I heard you like lists. 
If you need any more info/video's I would happily oblige. These are just the points that I feel affect almost every race or every open lobby.


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+ drive through penalties when speeding under vsc. 

The vsc is so bugged, one driver got a drive through while in the pits... 

In real f1 you just get 5s...

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10 hours ago, iosis said:

+ drive through penalties when speeding under vsc. 

The vsc is so bugged, one driver got a drive through while in the pits... 

In real f1 you just get 5s...

think that particular thing got fixed in todays patch 🙂

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@BarryBL I'm glad you like my post but we're more than a month on now. 

Which of these issues are nearing a fix? 
The people in the leagues I drive in are once again getting more and more disgruntled at the state of the game. and the lack of fixes.

For example: Can you please explain to me WHY, for 3 games in a row now, sector 2's are almost always purple? 
Is it too HARD to fix? (and why do sectors 1 and 3 usually work then?) or is it just not an issue to you? Purple... green... red... just colors? 
Doesn't really matter if the timings work as long as there's something resembling times on screen? 

I'm genuinely curious because, to me, this seems like it should be one of the easiest things to fix, gets noticed by everyone who plays online as one of the first things. yet you guys don't bother.  (But do bother to add new assists to the game though and the stupid pitcoins... noone wants pitcoins.. we want a working game.  pitcoins is what you add if your game is working so well you don't know what else to do with your time.. and improving the game doesn't lead to more sales cause it's already so good. not when your game is broken AF and now gets even more broken cause your priorities were wrong)

Are we going to see the end of screen freezes as people join/leave the session any time soon? Are gonna see the end of that horrible first few laps standings chaos? The start light issues? 

And are you going to make a 'known issues' topic like long ago you said you would, so people don't have to report things over and over and over again? and we can visually SEE of which issues you are aware?   (If you want i can help you with this) 

Also what would be very nice: A developer diary where one of the devs can explain why it is so hard to fix the game.. which are the biggest issues.. etc etc
Cause all we see is them asking us NOW (in september... 2 months after launch) to report things that we've already reported in the beta and the last game. 
And you don't have to be a genius to see how that comes across.... (hint: like you're just wasting our time and try to look like you're doing stuff while really waiting for the time you can say we're working on the new game now so be hyped peasants) Dont just PR the good stuff... that just reflects very bad on you as a company for everyone who knows it's not all sunshine in paradise. 


Anyway I hope for everyone that you get these issues fixed before the e-sports starts (not via lan this time I've heard) 
Must say the state this game is in the time between patches and hotfixes and such is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. 
So I really hope you're working on 'the big one' now that breaks all career saves cause it's such an impactful update that finally makes the game work.. once again 'a man can dream' 

And please answer my question regarding the sector 2 timings... as said i'm genuinly curious why this is so hard to fix, or why this is so low on the list. 

Thanks in advance!

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