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Hey guys back again. 

We were hit pretty hard this season's beginning with a mass drop of 3 tiers from the assists division and 1 from the no-assists division. Leaving us with only 3 of each for the new season, very disappointed with the drop in numbers but we have to press on and keep fighting. As oppose to this however we are going to hang in with the three seasons on both ends but unfortunately our 3rd tier in the no-assists division requires THREE more drivers to complete it's foundations. 

"Racing Line" is permitted in this, however only to 'Corners only' so keep that in mind.

There are a few pre-requisites though. 

1. You must be racing at around a 1.16/1.17 around Spain
2. You must be racing at around a 1.26/27 around Bahrain
3. Your average racing must be outside of normal high timed tracks

So if you're new to no-assists or you're just a casual driver who is looking to just have some fun then come and join us to fill these 3 missing seats 


Join the chat, head to the Season-evaluation-registration room and follow the instructions there. Can't wait to see you! 

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