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Car performance chart is off

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1. The performance chart in MyTeam does not go down.
After Season 3 i got hit with a regulation change of all 4 departments. Although i did not save all the upgrades (saved ~30%), the chart doesn't go down in the beginning of season 4 (or ever). So the performance chart does not show the real strength.

[Red Bull is listed as 3rd or 4th strongest car in the picture below. They finished the season 3rd to last.]

I am in season 5 now and the chart never goes down. Despite changes of regulation in 3 seasons so far.
I think the chart shows the car perfomance at its strongest point no matter in which season that was.


2. PS4

3. 1.06 (Occured since release.)

4. MyTeam



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Same. Seems to happen after Reg changes as mine happened the season after those.

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