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I can't join online ranked lobbies? [F1 2020]


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1. Hi, when I play the F1 2020 game, I can play un-ranked lobbies, but not ranked lobbies and I don't know why. I have made an account and verified it for the game but it doesn't work. I can open it, then I can select if I want to do 25% race distance or 5 laps, then I press either one, it then says joining and that's it. After waiting for 20 minutes I decided to stop waiting. Can someone help? Thanks! 

2. I play on PC
3. Version 1.06
4. Ranked Multiplayer.
5. Not sure.
6. Multiple tries and using DX11 and DX12.
7. Xbox 360 controller, and/or Logitech G920 wheel.
8.  unknown.png?width=1442&height=661

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