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After 5 Seasons it Seeems Driver Transfers only happen if YOUR TEAM takes another teams driver

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Here is what happened to me in my 5 seasons:

  1. Year 2- I replace Alesi with Magnusson/ Vet and Rai Retire
    1. Sets off 10 driver moves
  2. Year 3- I keep driver/ GRO retires
    1. 1 Ai signing
  3. Year 4- Keep Driver
    1. No moves
  4. Year 5- Sign Russell
    1. 1 move by Wil to replace Russell


Through 5 seasons this kind of movement is really boring to play through. Is there anyway we can get back to the original 2019 driver transfer Ai before the patch ruined it?

Or better yet can we have a toggle to set realistic versus dynamic logic level so we have the experience we want?


Not sure this is a bug but its bad for gameplay.

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