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Timing Tower with 20 drivers

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It´s possible put all drivers in timing tower (like the attached image), changing some archives or something like this?

Sorry for my English :)



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It's certainly a nice idea and ties in to the argument of the official graphics.


I would prefer the option to be able to define how many I want in the tower and also to be able to hide and unhide it on the fly while racing; maybe even a hide, full or minimal mode a bit like Apple iTunes player - full would be the full defined tower and minimal could be you and the driver in front/behind. Would be quite annoying and a lot of clutter having the full tower on all race. Better yet, maybe a combo tower - top part showing the top 10 and then if I am outside top 10, the lower part showing me and driver ahead and behind so if I am say 17th, it would show 1-10, then a small step under showing 16, me, 18.


To be honest there's just so much they could do with the tower to make it better. For instance, for qualifying I really want the official graphics that shows the full tower and the knockout zones for Q1 and Q2 as well as difference to being safe if I'm in the KO zone. A big thing in my book is being able to only show the abbreviated 3 character name of the drivers - small change but big impact when it comes to reducing clutter.

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