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Unusual moments captured

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This thread is for sharing your most unusual or surprising moments you've captured. Whether it's Grand Prix mode, F2 or online races, let's see your unusual or surprising moments you've caught! 

This was the last race of the season in My Team at Abu Dhabi. I was in Q1 getting myself some space and out of nowhere my teammate retires with an engine failure. I don't think I've ever seen AI retire with engine failures in qualifying before, you can just about see the smoke coming out of the engine.  

This is not a thread focused on bugs or glitches. If you're going to post such content don't expect CM staff to look into it here. If you want to report a bug/glitch go to this part of the forums https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/ create a topic or add your report to a topic using the bug reporting template.

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The revving issue is a bug and it was present and reported as a bug in the 2019 game also. I wonder if it's unfixable.

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