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Massive Lag.


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           I was very excited to get F1 2015 but unfortunatly the game runs awfully on my system. I have an AMD R7 Graphics card, 8GB's of ram , AMD A10 processor. I know I don't meet the reccomeneded specs but there is as I think PC gamer put it " A Significant gulf between the minimum and reccomended, this probably means this will run well on all systems" The game runs very very laggy. I don't know whether this is an install issue or and AMD issue or my system simply isn't up to it but i suspect that it is an issue with either AMD or You because the game won't even run without lag on ultra low settings. Any help with optimisation would be appreciated, as would be if you could get back to me very quickly. Thanks in advance for the help and I look forward to my future improved F1 2015 experience   
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