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Need help understanding the practice program UI

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I've had several versions of F1 before and never had any difficulty understanding what the objectives of the practice programs were, what I needed to do to meet them, and what I'd get if I did meet them.  Unfortunately, I'm struggling with that this time around.  I can see the research points that have/haven't been awarded easily enough, and I understand what I need to do based on the name, but I have no idea what the targets are from looking at the screen.  I also can't figure out if I've hit all the targets and received all the points I can get or if there's still more to do.  Then looking at the completion markers (the circles next to points given), it appears that the the numbers correspond to the order in which they were done?  Or maybe the lap thry were done on?  Could someone please help me understand what I'm looking at on that screen so that I can do these effectively.  Thanks.

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