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Bring back F1 2019 liveries and more sponsor options

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F1 2019 Car liveries:

For me the new liveries I can choose from in F1 2020 are a disappointment. Most of them looks basic/horrible with the exception of Etched, Choppy, and the United templates. Plus I couldn't really find a template to which black-lime green would fit. So one of my suggestion is to bring back the majority of the F1 2019 game liveries, such as:

  • AVAX - G-Sync
  • Xenon - Bisect
  • Atlantic - Vostok
  • Zanzare - Flow
  • Venus - Data Stripe (this was and yet still is my favourite livery template)
  • Xenon - Dorsal
  • Lupo Industries - Full Moon
  • Distort - Swipe
  • Monnaie - Heritage
  • Avolo - Formality
  • AVAX - Cockpit
  • Achevée - Gradient
  • Xenon - Dart
  • Alkenes Energy - Tiger
  • AVAX - Pinstripe
  • Distort - Interference

These are all the liveries that in my opinion should be in F1 2020.


Sponsors options:

Deciding which sponsor you would like to put on the car is a great feature. However the sponsor slots should be increased up to 12/15/20 (eg. you can place more sponsors on the nose and any other areas), plus there should be an option to set the size of the sponsors as most of them looks completely small in certain areas on the car. The current system still makes my car look empty (especially in MyTeam) compared to other cars.




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