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Sector 3 "Flying Lap" Recorded

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1. On extremely rare occasions, the game records a time trial's "flying lap" time as its own sector.

2. Xbox One

3. 1.07

4. Time Trial

5. 0 because it only happened once at Silverstone when I, very likely, aborted/restarted the previous lap very near to starting sector 3 via Pause Menu > Restart lap, which I do for various reasons to do with starting a session off with a good lap. I've started accepting minor invalidations to aid this, so I'm talking things like going perpendicular to the track or overrunning a turn. My guess is you can replicate this at any track by restrating a time trial lap near any track's third sector. However, it's very hit or miss, so it may take a while to replicate and between replications.

6. Fixes itself if you restart a subsequent lap somewhere else via Pause Menu > Restart lap.

7. Controller

8. N/A, but the time was 19 seconds and some change

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