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A solid experience - Almost


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This game is great! 

Yes, I like it! In fact I think its the F1 game I've been waiting for. I dont understand the folks who say nothing has changed since 2013, the FFB is the same etc.. Absolute RUBBISH!

I've only played for a few hours today, but my experience has been VERY positive. The game looks great (although I cant for the life of me figure out why it was agreed that AA should make everything 'blurry'!) and it plays extremely well. 

However... My experience is based on a fast PC and a T500RS wheel. I also run a successful racing group for Project Cars and have over 200 members and quite a few of those people have been having a nightmare time trying to even get their wheels to work! G27, G29, Fanatec, many different makes are all failing abysmally.

While I understand that day one is going to have it's issues I wonder why there is no set-up for these wheels? There was no set-up for MY wheel but a custom set-up worked great, so I was lucky. 

But seriously?? Why would the game be released with no support for some of the most popular wheels on the market? 

Will this be fixed soon?

Just a heads up but 4 of the members of my group (out of a group of us that took the day off for this game!) have already sarted talking about refunds and honestly I cant say I blame them, Team Speak has been full of frustration today for all of us :( They are obviously not alone... 

Lets go back to the beginning... I REALLY like this game, like the ffb, the feel, the graphics, the new additions, the polish... It's such a shame that so many of my friends are not able to experience that, and now the game is soured for the rest of us! 

Please fix this. 

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