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Club: Nebula Racing

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Hello Fellow Drivers I'm the founder of Nebula Racing and we had decided to expand our community to Grid Autosport, We currently run 6 F1 leagues for PC in which we give prizes out and also run chartiy events as we believe it should be about all coming together in a community of drivers thats why when our website is complete it will contain a driver database this will let you know how the driver drives but also his skills and if they have been awarded penalties. On top of this in season 2 we was sponsored by Western Digital and plan on adding more sponsors very soon, and to finsh of my intro we also have a nebula racing tv youtube channel which as great HD HQ Highlights which cover the elite championship.

Join our community of 280+ racing fans under the club name Nebula Racing and help build one of the biggest Grid Clubs

Also if your intrested in league racing we are start a pro and ace touring car championship so feel free to add our group and sign up here


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