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What car do you drive?


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I see many people here that are Sim fans, only digitally or also in real life?
What car do you drive in real life? Rally car? or something else?
I'm curious to see who drives what, I'll start.

I currently (still) own a Nissan Skyline r32 gtr from 1991, I say still because it's for sale (no I'm not trying to sell it here),
I also have a trackday car: Honda Civic 1.6 EG '92
My daily drive is a Ford Focus from 2009

some pics of the 2 cars:
Nissan Skyline r32 gtr '91:

Honda Civic 1.6 EG '92:

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WOW... what a cars you have. 

I have a humble one compared to yours...

... 115bhp and diesel... but hey, it parks automatically  :D

previously got one these:

1.4 TSI 170bhp. Fast as hell. Bad as shit xD 
That was my last VW for sure.
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Mine, Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback DID (143CV) like this:


From 2010, last model with VAG power (engine is like a Golf or a Leon)...
Very Funny when cornering in old roads...

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