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Weekly Event Error Code HO403 on XBox One

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1.     Keep being disconnected from weekly events as i either get an error code HO403 or migrating host then the error code. 
2.    F1 2020 1.06 Schumacher Edition 
3.    Multiplayer Weekly Event
4.    Yes i'm able to recreate this problem as ive had it for the 3rd weekly event in a row
5.    Everytime i try to do a weekly event, im able to do qualifying but get not even halfway through the race when this issue occurs 
6.    Tried the troubleshooting steps
7.     Xbox One Game Pad
8.     I have screenshots of issues which i will attach

GothicMatt - Profile.html


GothicMatt - Profile.html 2.html


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I've also had the same issue for the past few weeks, also on Xbox.  It's even more annoying when 3 completions are needed for the Series reward!

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Does this only happen in the Weekly Event game mode [...]


What about weekly event problems on PC? fourth week in a row i'm not able to do weekly race because it's not even connecting me into the lobby...

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