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Cant reach maximum speed on straight-line! HELP!

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Hey guys, im new to the game, starting on F1 2020 and realy loveing the game! But i have a problem, i dont know if its a bug or i dont know. I tryed searching on game configs and internet but i found nothing. My problem is: i cant reach more than 200km/h on straight-line and when i see some youtube gameplay, they get into 300km/h easily. So i really dont know what to do. It happens playing in any difficult, with or without assistance. I hope you guys can help me! Thanks!

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Can you do a short video and post it, I just have a strange feeling that your in-game speedometer is showing miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour and that might confuse you if you are not used to the imperial measuring system.

It can be changed back and forth though in the settings menu, can't remember the exact place where.

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