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Issues with F1 2020

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First I would like to say hello and just generally see if people have the same problem with the game f1 2020 that I do.

First of all if I am running simulation damage does that mean that I the player am the only car on track to lose parts of the car during contact with Ai, then if not why doesn't the Ai get affected through losing parts of the car, through out a race the ai will shoot one up my inside make contact with me and I lose my front wing whereas they don't or they don't lose performance from losing parts of its front wing.

Ai tyre ware is a joke because for some reason as my tyres overheat and lose grip the Ai tyres never seem to suffer the same fate(s), there I am on fresh supers compared to Ai on 20 lap old sorts and look at the grip the Ai have it's almost like the tyres are brand new.

And lastly if I make contact with the Ai I am warned and punished for my mistake whereas the Ai can hit me as much as they want and get away with it. For me these 3 problems is something I experience every year with the game and I don't like complaining but I just want to know if it's just me being from average to bad at the game or just pieces of the game that is overlooked.

Anyway sorry for the long and if anyone has answers or appears to have similar problems as I do.

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I too, am having those same problems.  My main problem right now is that I cannot do manual starts.  I have PS4 with Logitech G29 wheel.  When I have it on manual and the lights go out, my car just sits there in first gear and I cannot move at all!! Is there something I am not doing?

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