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To codemaster : You need another way to understand anonymous statistics.

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Some statistics achieved, is just people not free time to play, lazy to play,  or function would take advantage

For example 
-Like 3rd person view for more wider angle. 16:9 screen still not wide enough, and over half screen are Cockpit dash, this never easy to drive a car,
-Like Pit Stop has no any clear option could toggle to Full manual control. (I want full control pitstop in PCARS2 and F1 series, but never see the option)
-Most of people are lazy to tune his car, no idea to tuning his cars and believe the "Default Tuning" is Easy and stable enough.
However, PCARS default are universal "Stable" and "Loose" profile, for example this make people F40 using 1.4 Bar tyre pressure, and complain hard to generate heat on tyres, but in fact this need 2.0 to 2.4 bar and they never used "Soft Tyres" because the Automatically choices.
What actually did is, You have to teach them is correct suspension and Differential theory, not make the game like ARCADE.


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