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(My Team) - Wrong Sponsor payouts

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1: In My Team, I did a 16 race season. 

Main sponsor: TRISTAR

Goal bonus: 'finish 2 times this season with your team in the points'. 

My teammate Aitken did not get one point finish this season. I only managed to get 9th place once in Brazil. Just one point finish in this whole season, so not enough to complete the bonus objective... 

But after the season,  I'll getting the goalbonus anyway. +10 million. This is incorrect. What's the point of having an extra bonus if it doesn't matter if you are complete the goal or not... This should not be happening. 

2: PS4 
3 version 1.06
4: My Team
5: Restarted the game, but no change
6: Nothing I could do. 
7: PS4 controller
8: No pictures. 

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