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Potential but sadly disappointing

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I've bought every F1 game since F1 2000, so I'm definitely a loyal customer, but these games are really testing my patience now. First of all the racing is pretty decent, I have to say, the engineer voiceover is excellent and the visuals are tremendous, so well done for that.

However, what I enjoy the most in F1 games are racing friends on multiscreen, as we have all grown up with the games and thus enjoy having socials on the console racing one another. Now I hear you say you can still race online, yes you can, but not when some of my friends have Xboxs and some have PS4s you can't. So the main social enjoyment from the games has now sadly gone, and I can now only play people I know online, where I can't speak to them whilst racing as they aren't next to me. The second issue, is that why the hell can't I decide that I don't want practice, I want a full qualifying but only a 25 or 50% race? That can't be that hard to program, as all of those options are available just not together. Penultimately, where the hell is the safety car? On previous F1 games it would throw in some much needed drama, in some drab races (including one where a bug meant cars kept hitting it and being DSQ'd), PLEASE let it be added into the game. Finally, the damage needs correcting. Although, bits fly of the cars easily after a touch, if a car goes into a wall, to t-bones another which I've seen in this game already not involving myself, why are these cars not retiring, or at least going into the pits for repairs.

I'm not so bothered about the loss of career mode, but I do think these issues above need rectifying, and I would have preferred to have had to wait for the game for another 3 months and these things be sorted than get this disappointed and waste £40 now, as like F1 2014 i'll probably end up only playing a few times before I get bored. 

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