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Ideas For Future F1 Game Series

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I think the advancements made to this game year after year are very special. I love almost everything about this game and know they are trying to fix bugs and issues in the game. These are some ideas that could make the future games better- Being able to choose different contract lengths for Myteam and negotiate higher and lower prices based off length would make finance easier and the game more realistic. Being able to hire staff directors for the team could be awesome. Being able to hire a technical director that is better for a higher price that could advance car development and speed would be cool. You could also buyout other directors from other teams. Also being able to hire a tots number of staff, like 100 in aero, 400 in power train and deciding the number of staff per department could be cool to affect costs of facilities and how much money wants to be spent and managed. In real F1 garage order is picked off championship standings at the end of the year, so changing the garage spot in the paddock would be awesome and have benefits for preforming well. This is a very extreme idea but what if in future games you could make your own track. You would pick the barriers and turns and elevation and more. This would then be a expensive feature you could buy for your teams facilities in Myteam mode where your team could test their car. This could also could be its own game mode and community place where tracks are made In a future F1 game being able to walk in the paddock would add so much to the game. This would be like being in the teams motor home in Myteam/Carrer mode, but instead you would have a clock and calendar almost like a open world game. You would have your calendar with the places you are supposed to be and when and you then would go to them. For example at 8am you would walk to the motor home to talk to the team then have to go and do a press interview at 10am and then go and have lunch or workout at 10:30am and then go to the garage and prepare for practice at 11am. Then once getting to the garage and being on time or early practice would start with you in the car. It would be awesome in Myteam and Carrer mode to be able to have a time and places to be in the paddock and be able to go to each of them and decide when and where you want to be and do. You could even arrange your schedule like the new feature in Myteam.

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