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Ranked lobby system


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Ranked lobby system is so ****** bad. When I finish my game and leave lobby or quit the ranked game(retiring) and want to start new, the game sends me same lobby/server. I need to spectate the entire race to play again the same peoples.  Think if Csgo or Pubg or league of legends would be the same system as here,you quit, want play again, the game sends you same lobby where you need spectate entire game and then again you need play with the same players xd  so bad system.  And more problems with ranked lobby....when I don't want to play same players and same lobby I choose 25% instead of 5 laps and ohohho game not find me single 25% ranked lobby when players have in-game 10k-20k. Worst lobby system I've ever saw in games. 

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If you think this is a flawed ranking system, you have never played Counter-Strike Global Offensive. There is no method of getting up or down ranks, so you never know after which win you will get an up rank. Also, it is not so hard to get the highest rank, so there is no other skill delimitation on the game after you reach it. Players on such ranks are always competing which skins on guns are the best. I also have some great skins in the game. I got all of them from trading on skinsmonkey.com with the bot from the website.

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