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[PS4] De-synced starts in multiplayer unranked

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1. Across a lot of our leagues, we've had a series of de-synced starts - the start lights don't go out at the same time meaning some people get unfair advantages and it really messes up league racing. It seems the LOBBY HOST mainly benefits. In one case, half of the grid seemed to have got a better start, whereas half didn't when the host was a commentator.

2. PS4 - PSGL leagues

3. 1.06 these occurred on

4. Multiplayer unranked.

5. PSGL F1, PSGL F3 league races. 

 5. We run 11/12 leagues and it occurred in at least two, maybe more. So it's hard to know what and why it causes the issue as above.

6. N/A

7. A mix of wheel, pad etc.

8. PSGL F3 example - 

PSGL F1 examples





As you can see, he thought they jumped-started but didn't.


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Hi @7thGearRL,

Thanks for the report. 

Can you add a report code (a 16 digit code) on the next time you experience this. Also, grabbing these from your league members (especially the host's code) would really help me report this.

How to do this is Main Menu > Settings > Look at the bottom left of the screen. Will be a code like this XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. As many of these codes as possible will be really appreciated 👍

Also, how many times this happens (out of 5) perhaps would be helpful.

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