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Why does ERS die sometimes?


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23 minutes ago, pedrosdt said:

You reached max ers spent per lap

^This. The maximum allowed energy deployment for a lap has been reached, which is less that the full battery capacity. So once the start line is crossed the red cross will disappear and you can use overtake again if there is still enough charge in the battery.

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You notice on the HUD where you can see how much ERS you have?


You'll also notice where it says "D" and "H"


D = Distribubted

H = Harvested


Each time you complete a lap, the D and H levels are reset. D tells you how much ERS you have for the lap. H tells you how much you're storing during the lap. The main ERS bar is what you have in TOTAL.

When the D meter runs empty, the ERS is disabled for the duration of the lap.

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