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Steering Wheel doesn't move in game

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Just to make it clear: I use a controller, not a physical steering wheel and pedals. 


I downloaded DR2.0 last night and played it for 5 hours today... and the entire time I played it I was bugged by one small thing: the steering wheel in the car didn't spin when I turned the car. The car turns, which I actually think it does a lot more sensitively than Dirt 4, but the wheel doesn't. On top of that, there is no one in the car. No driver, no co-driver. 


My settings are what Nvidia optimized them to be for my GTX 1650, if it's the graphics that are the issue. 


I have everything in the settings checked off for what would make there be a driver in the drivers seat turning the wheel.


Anyone know how to fix this or if it is possible?


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