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Stuttering while being online in Steam

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I had some stuttering problems recently and tried different things (including the removal of HID and USB devices) but it turned out the stuttering stops when i set my steam status to offline while ingame.

Obviously this is a problem, as it prevents me from taking part in the online features.

CPU, RAM and GPU dont spike in any way, the performance is great besides the stutters, which occur about every 2 or 3 seconds. 

Updated drivers, checked temperatures, tweaked settings multiple times, removed and reinstalled USB devices. I really dont know how to solve this.


Does anyone have a solution for this issue? Thanks in advance.

Greets, Kama

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Update: After running Driver Booster as well as installing quite a big Win10 update the game seems to run smooth. Not sure what the exact reason was, but Id recommend checking if there are updates for your system in case you face a similar problem and other solutions didnt help :-)

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