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Xbox and PS4 | Formula Y Racing League

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Our league is a league on the F1 2020 game, inspired by real life F1, career mode and Formula E. We try to create the best experience for all skill levels and with it try to create exciting and fun races. 

So you may ask, what is it that makes this league so special? This list below explains that:

1. A human steward team: we have the penalty system in the game still working, but the real life stewards can overrule and add to that. This way there won’t be any unfair penalties.

2. Reversed grid: the first race will be with a randomized grid after which we will work with a reversed grid. This way the championship will become more exciting!

3. Unexpected rules: every race will feature a few unexpected rules. For example, a set amount of mandatory pitstops, a set amount of times you have to hit a set curbstone. All of these rules will be made public 15 minutes before the race to make for some interesting strategies. 

4. The possibility for a team to be really “a team”. This means that when a team has a team boss or an engineer they will be able to communicate with eachother during the races for optimal teamwork

5. When we have more drivers there will be more leagues, so after each season there will be teams going up or down in the ranks. 

6. And more of these features!

The league is being run through discord and there all of the updates will be done. So if you want to join, learn more about us, support us, or just want to view the races, join the discord! [ Link:


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