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F1 Xbox Enjin Championship (F1 2013, XBOX 360)

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The F1 Xbox Enjin Championship (formerly the F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship) is back! Now in it's 7th season the Championship has now moved from the F1 fanatic forums to enjin.com.

The F1 Xbox Enjin Championship is a long standing competition that has produced 4 different Champions over 7 seasons and 3 F1 games. The Championship is run on the Xbox 360 on Monday evenings at 8:30pm (GMT). All skill levels are welcome as long as you race cleanly and fairly.

The F1 Xbox Enjin Championship is unique from most championships due to a new feature that was implemented last season which has become an instant hit with our drivers. At the start of the season each driver is given a number of credits depending on their skill level. At the beginning of every leg of the championship each driver can spend their credits to decide which car they will drive that week. The championship uses the car system of 2013 and as such, the credit system allows each driver to make strategic calls on which car to use as which track. 

The feature makes every leg of the championship unique as some drivers choose to capitalise on their favourite tracks with the Red Bull and others try to save credits and use the Torro Rosso. Season 6 was the first season this feature was implemented and has lead to same of the closest and most unpredictable races so far in the Championship.

The F1 Xbox Enjin Championship is recruiting friendly, competitive and fair racers to join our ranks in one of the most unique and closely fought championships now open.

If you're interested post here or join the championship page at http://f1xboxchampionship.enjin.com/home

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