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Lost connection to Steam and Error Code NM14


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1.       I can't play in multiplayer either ranked or unranked lobby because somehow i lost connection to steam although my internet connection is absolutely fine, and in one instance i got error code nm14 when joining a ranked lobby

2.       PC
3.       1.07
4.       Multiplayer
5.       I replicate this 15 times
6.       I already try verified the integrity of game files, reinstalling the game, using 5 different connection both wifi and hotspot tethering, and still happened
7.       Video and picture attached below
8.         Attached below


Screenshot (194).png

Screenshot (195).png

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Hi @Junbee,

Does this happen every time, regardless of the time of the session. Can you also provide a report code for when you experience the issue. How to do so is Main Menu > Game Options > Settings > 16 digit code at the bottom left.

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