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[Grid 2019] off road punishment not working properly

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In multiplayer it is very common seeing people exploring off road and take unfair advantages from it.

I can see a lot of people overtaking by off road for long distances in corners and also straights lines.

Red bull and Silverstone are those circuits which I can see too much of this happening all the time.
Fixing time punishment in these two circuits would help a lot.

However, would be nice if you could take these two approaches:

1. increase the seconds penalties by length running offroad. I know that some times we lose control or even get outside by collision.

2. Reduce the speed offroad and also the gripping. It is so easy even in grass keeping speeding up the car when some other are struggling to stay onroad.

Videos example.
Why that is suppose to be fun, going off road any get not penalties.

More off road and no penalties

Off road fastest than road how?

Off road seems to be part of the race track all, no penalties.

but I get penalty using some kerbs.

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