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Like Full Grids? Want Clean Racing? SLR is the League For You! (PC)

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For a taste of what we can offer, have a look here:


New season on F1 2020 recently started for four tiers, three with assists allowed, one without. All races are streamed live with commentary. We are currently seeking to recruit drivers from all backgrounds, young to old, rookie to pro, to battle it out, hone your skills and ultimately compete for the SlipSteam Championship title.

Championship races will be 50% races distance, corner cutting on strict, reduced damage and dynamic weather.

Our aim is to build a strong community of racers and help develop drivers to improve their skill set, but most importantly ensure clean racing. We have some great ideas for the future, so get on board now and see what we have to offer.

Current schedule is as follows:

Wednesday - Tier 4 - 1900 CEST

Thursday - Tier 3 - 1900 CEST

Friday - Tier 2 - 1900 CEST

Saturday Tier 1 - 1815 CEST

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