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Hi everybody,

I bought F1 2020 and I love it. I am having problems though. That's why I signed up here. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. I can't find a known issues thread so so for now I'll post my problem here.

Every so often the game stops and restarts my PC. There is nothing particular that I'm doing at the time. It can be during or after a race, at qualifying, time trials etc. I've checked my hardware, drivers, etc and everything seems to be on par. The pc (AMD ryzen 5 3600) nor the graphics card (rx580) and I'm using one 24" display. The game runs incredibly smoothly. I've turned all settings to low and capped the framerate to 60.

I found some people on the net with similar problems, but nobody seems to have a solution.

Have fun racing everybody!

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