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Bug Report F1 2020

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Hey there, 

so I found an interesting bug considering the multiplayer Leauge system. So if you join as a spectator late into the race and then take the control over your car, the rules for track limit and some saftey car rules wont aply for you. That means i was able to over take all my friends and the ai while safty car. Further more I was able to cut the corners pretty hard without punishment.

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Hi everyone I am a new member of the group. I wanted to report a slightly annoying bug, present in the choice of the character's helmet. the buggy helmet is STRIKE, if we try to use it while changing the colors once in the game, whether it is online or alone, it comes in the CLASSIC CIRCULAR version and we don't know why. I am an xbox one s player i would like to know if you also have the same problem selecting this helmet. thanks for your attention, hopefully resolved soon.

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i was doing qualifying in monaco when this happend. i dont know if its just me but i thought i'll put it in here anyway 

2nd video the ai an my cars were pulled together and later it put me in neutral. The neutral reset happend quite a few times around 1 lap

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