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PS4/PC | Online Sim Racing League | Season 3| PS4 RESERVE SIGN-UPS OPEN AGAIN! Recruiting Commentators!

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Online Sim Racing League | PS4/PC | Season 3


The OSRL is close to entering their 3rd season as a league on F1 2020 and you can become a part of the league! It doesn’t matter if you are new to league racing or you’ve been league racing for a long time now, we’ve got the perfect Tier for every driver!

Read about some of our league details below:


PS4 F1 Tiers: Fridays at 8pm CET/7pm BST!

PC F1 Tiers: Saturdays at 9pm CET/8pm BST!


Drivers fully committed to race in at least 75% of the 22 races

PS4 Commentators for Tier 2/3

Possibly one PC Commentator


18 minute Qualifying session + 50% race

All assists except for Braking assist, all 3 new assists and the pit assists are allowed!

Previous PS4 winners: 

Season 1: OSRL_Ryujin

Season 2 Tier 1: CCazuy

Season 2 Tier 2: Sandrew02

You want to race in Season 3 of the OSRL?

Make sure to fill out our sign-up form for Season 3: https://forms.gle/doKna1mqWRwMvkDD7

Join our Discord server to talk to all the Admins and get all the other information you need:


You want to watch a few of our Season 2 races? Click here:


We can't wait for Season 3 to start and we also hope to see a lot of you guys on track once the season starts!

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