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Bug or not? China turn 15.

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2 hours ago, Sayden said:

In turn 15 at China with corner cutting stringency set to strict, you can sometimes get three track limit warnings for going wide once. Is this intentional or is it a bug? https://streamable.com/wxzvo2

Are you saying the corner you show in the video is the first and only time you've been given a warning for running wide, and that it's gone straight to giving a penalty as if you had been given warnings on two previous corners as well?

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4 hours ago, BarryBL said:

Not a bug. You have left the track to gain an advantage. Whereas is should be 'Track Extending', a warning/penalty for this would make sense.

I realise that the game is supposed to hand out a warning for extending track limits, but three warnings in this case is that intentional?

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