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Downforce Esports / Moderators, Drivers, Stewards and Commentators needed! / New League / All Assists allowed / Wednesday 20:00 CEST

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If you are a fan of racing and want to set a step further in competitive League racing than we would like to introduce 'Downforce Esports' to you! We are a new league but want to create a nice new community with races every week! If you want to be part of this new community yourself than join our discord! And we are still looking for Moderators, Commentators, and Stewards too! But at the moment we would also like to see new, active and fair racers!

When we race:

Wednesday 20:00 CEST 


How can I sign up for the league?

You can https://discord.gg/jHheStK simply sign up at our discord:


Admission requirements:

You are a clean & excited driver

You’re a sociable and active driver!

Why would you join Downforce esports?

1. We’re a new league with exiting and experienced staff members.

2. We are a league that takes things differently. So are we trying to add new things like team managers and Driver of the day awards.

3. Our staff members are almost all the time available on Discord. And we are willing to get your feedback or answer your questions!

If you’re interested and want to try out a race in our league, Make an account on Discord and join our server!

We hope to see you soon!

Jelle Klijn Velderman / Owner of Downforce esports


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