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G29 vs controller F1 2020

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That will depend on how fast you are with a controller and how long it takes you to adapt to using a wheel and pedals.

I'm a lot faster with a wheel and pedals as I never found a controller intuitive, as it's nothing like driving a real car. Fast controller players will though absolutely thrash me in a race.

For me the single biggest reason to switch to a wheel is to increase enjoyment of the game, not for speed.

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2 hours ago, SemiProPLayer said:

Is the G29 faster then a controller on F1 2020?

Well we have to go to parts.. 1st wheel is much better when compared against an controller.. Why? Causes an more immersion feeling of reality you are able to feel completelly the car and the precision and consistency you have are in another step forward.. You can adjust the car setup much more how you want it and linked with your driving style aswell.. You can save all the components wear much better and lead with tyre wear and temperatures is much more easier too.. In wet Races or in a few moments when lacking in Traction you are able to Don t loose the car from your hands.. So? Final thoughts? Wheel is much much better compared against an Controller.. Unique desavantage that i found is if you want to beat someone in leaderboards Time Trials with an customised controller settings configuration that person had found somehow its how moast impossible to do it.. But personally i prefer wheel 

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